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The search found 7 mission(s) honoring our fallen heros for year 2022.
Deputy Jose Deleon Deputy Jose Deleon12/12/2022

Warren County, NC Sheriff's Office

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Deputy Ned P. Byrd Deputy Ned P. Byrd08/11/2022

Wake County, NC Sheriff's Office

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Sergeant Matthew Ryan Fishman Sergeant Matthew Ryan Fishman08/09/2022

Wayne County, NC Sheriff Department

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Deputy Austin Derek Aldridge Deputy Austin Derek Aldridge06/26/2022

Spartanburg, SC Sheriff's Office

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Trooper Nolan Sanders Trooper Nolan Sanders03/23/2022

Bridge Dedication North Carolina Highway Patrol C-2 Wayne County Caisson Unit utilized in a private service to honor Trooper Nolan Sanders

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Patrol Sergeant Chris Allen Jenkins Patrol Sergeant Chris Allen Jenkins02/09/2022

Loudon County, TN Sheriff's Office

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Trooper J.S. Horton Trooper J.S. Horton01/07/2022

North Carolina Highway Patrol G-2 Rutherford County

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